Historical Origin of Playing Cards

Playing cards have a rich and diverse history that spans centuries and continents. While the precise origins remain somewhat elusive, it is generally believed that playing cards first emerged in ancient China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). These early cards were not the familiar 52-card decks we know today but rather a precursor with various suits and designs.

The concept of playing cards eventually made its way to India, where they evolved further. By the 14th century, playing cards had arrived in Europe through trade routes and cultural exchange. European decks featured the four suits we are familiar with today: hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. They also included the court cards, representing royalty and nobility.

Playing cards gained popularity in Europe, spreading rapidly across the continent. Each country developed its own style of decks with unique designs and characteristics. Notably, the French deck became the standard for most modern card games, introducing the iconic symbols and face cards that have endured for centuries.

In 1896 a book by the name "The Mystic Test Book" was published by Olney Richmond, an initiate into the Brotherhood. Further books followed by Edith Randall and Florence Campbell ("Sacred Symbols of the Ancients"), Arne Lein ("What's your Card?"), Robert Lee Camp ("Love Cards", "Cards of Destiny", "Exploring the little Book of the Seven Thunders"), Daliah Boretski ("The New Game"), Geri Sullivan and Saffi Crawford ("The Power of the Playing Cards"), and a number of other authors. Each one extolled on the system, providing deep insight into the wonderful machination that is the Human Life.

Through an accurate method of quadration a natural order (From the Ace of Hearts to the King of Spades) was "distorted" into a mundane order, or "Man's distortion of God's plan". Somehow this method describes us as individuals in a very precise manner. This is not only limited to our date of birth, but also applies to the current moment in time. It therefore accurately depicts our individual rhythm through life, and illustrate time-space qualities that apply only to us.

Practical Significance in Daily Life

Playing cards hold a significant place in our daily lives, serving various practical purposes:

  1. Entertainment: Playing cards are a timeless source of entertainment. Card games like poker, bridge, solitaire, and rummy offer hours of fun and social interaction. They provide a means to relax, bond with friends and family, and sharpen cognitive skills.
  2. Education: Playing cards have educational value. They can be used to teach children math, strategy, and critical thinking. Card games help improve numeracy, memory, and problem-solving abilities.
  3. Social Interaction: Cards are a powerful tool for socializing. Whether at home, in clubs, or at casinos, they facilitate social gatherings and create opportunities for people to connect, compete, and build relationships.
  4. Cultural Significance: Different regions and cultures have their own card games and traditions. Playing cards often reflect cultural heritage and history. They can be a window into the customs and values of various societies.
  5. Divination and Symbolism: As mentioned earlier, playing cards have been used for divination and introspection through systems like cardology. People turn to card readings to gain insights into their lives, make decisions, or seek guidance.
  6. Gambling and Recreation: For some, playing cards are a source of recreation and a means of trying their luck. Casino games like blackjack and poker offer both entertainment and the potential for financial gain.
  7. Art and Design: The intricate and diverse designs of playing cards have also made them collectible items. Many artists have contributed to the world of card design, creating beautiful and visually appealing decks.

The Meaning behind System and Symbols

The cards bear an uncanny resemblence to the natural order we observe in life. The sequence from Ace to King shows us the "odd-even" wave-like dance from desire (Ace) to mastery (King). 7 odd and 6 even cards, 13 in total, just like the 13 tones in Maya mythology. 4 suits represent the seasons spring (Hearts), summer (Clubs), autumn (Diamonds) and winter (Spades). They also symbolize the emotional, mental, material and spiritual orientation or qualities contained within man, pluse the stages or seasons we all go through in life. 4x13=52, the number of weeks in a year. The sum of numbers from 1 to 13 equals 91. Multiplied by 4 equals 364, with the Joker (5/4) making up an entire solar year. Add to that the 7 planets from Mercury to Neptune, and you have the holy number 7 once again, whereby the planets represent logical stages in the process of creation.

Each of us has one birth card and a planetary ruler. These two cards alone can express more about a person and their life than most will know themselves. Just as with astrology, accurate statements can be made about both the individuality of a person as well as their current "phase" in life. This knowledge helps one correct one's life path or embark on the one one was meant to be on from the outset. It helps assess individuals, relationships, team dynamics, and a whole lot more. It brings knowledge, harmony and wisdom into the individual's life and environment. It provides an easy-to-understand path of initiation, and therefore a clear direction in life. This applies to both one's emotional life, our mental / intellectual state and our communication with others, our material well-being, as well as all the spiritual aspects of life, including but not limited to health, lifestyle and work.

Turning pleasure into profit

Helmar Rudolph offers you deep insight into your own blueprint, which brought forth your individual life rhythm. This he explains to you by means of the 52 "playing cards". Here a systematic approach to your individuality helps you identify your true Being, as well as the time qualities that exist at any given time in your life. This in turn helps you do the right things at the right time, so that your life is crowned by all-encompassing success and satisfaction.

These services are also included in our joint offerings, bringing together different modalities, and while taking the best of them, create an easy-to-understand and follow strategy for individuals, families or corporate teams.

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