Amelie Klix

My soul decided to start its journey in November 1991 in Germany. It somehow decided to be born & learn the learnings of a very dysfunctional family dynamic.

I grew up in a very unhealthy male-energy dominant surrounding. From day one proving myself was my only task. Nothing was good enough, and I always had to perform and deliver the best. Even that was not enough.

During my Bachelor’s of Media & Communication Management & my Master’s of International Management, I gained valuable experience at several companies. Experience, as you may gather, isn't always gleaned through positive events. In my case I quickly came to the conclusion that organizational dysfunction is based in employee unhappiness. This unhappiness has two root causes:

  • negative subconscious (ancestral) programming
  • a lack of base knowledge about themselves and their own path in life.

Combined they lead to unnecessary stress and confrontation at the workplace and furthermore: unfulfillment and therefore lack of performance.

I finished university giving myself a promise: I will not engage in dysfunctional organizational and need to find out about my soul path. Meaning: what am I really here for?

After extensive travels to Bali, I settled in Dubai, UAE. During that travel period I began deepening my understanding of astrology, Human Design as well as Gene Keys. I soon started offering my consulting services to an international clientele.

In 2023 Helmar approached me and asked if I wanted to join his efforts with his newly founded company. So here I am. Together we are offering truly unique services to corporate as well as private clients, who want to elevate their performance and overall satisfaction to new and previously unknown levels, and it is my pleasure and privilege to contribute to their personal fulfillment and inner success!

We are looking forward to serving you with an unmatched combination of expertise, experience and style.

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