Not really to my surprise, many thousands of netizens have visited these pages since they went online in July 1995, looking for more info on Database Marketing, but leaving often with a completely different perspective. Some of the comments you can find below.

This is just an excerpt of the feedback I got in the very early days. Since “switching over” to the Master Key System, I have received countless feedback from highly satisfied customers – details to be found on my respective websites.


I have gone through your site, it was great to know a person that you are, with such a diversity. I loved all the photos. I’m Mandar Joshi working with a International Institute if Infomation Technology as a Research Associate in School of Management . My specialised area is Marketing. I learned a lot from your site & will keep on learning in near future. Thank you for wonderful information.

Mandar Joshi, India

I was doing some research on direct marketing and the use of digital printing and found your site. It is great. I enjoyed it. In fact of all the sites I’ve see in a while, I actually stopped to read yours line by line. There is something to be said for the personal touch:) thanks for sharing.

I’m an account exec for a printing firm. We specialize in variable data digital printing. I’d like to take my business to the next level by offering a complete:strategy CRM consulting & program implementation to clients- it is a shame to only sell them personalized documents. I want to help them look at their customers differently.:)

Thx for your time Helmar!

Theresa Key

I would like to compliment you on the resource that you have developed by managing and compiling the Marketing Competence website. I have found all the information there most informative and well selected from the key experts in the business. In terms of academic insight, I have found three “gurus” on the Internet, Kurt Therling, Arthur Hughes and yourself! 

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that you are from Cape Town!

Stuart Crawford-Browne, Cape Town, RSA

Seldom do i read an entire site, but i was captivated by your vision. yours was a site bookmarked to return to and this in itself is wishful as time often does not allow for it. I am based in the cape and would welcome the opportunity to meet, my objective is none other than to satisfy an instinct that tells me to do so.

Rob Kamhoot, Cape Town, South Africa

I am an editor with DM News and iMarketing News. My beat? You guessed it. CRM!

I am quite new to the CRM beast, er, beat, but I was able to form some pretty fast opinions and conclusions after attending just one convention in Orlando recently. Most of my opinions were echoed in your article “Customer Relationship Management Myths” which I just read, even though it was published 2 years ago.

Tim Clark

Greetings, I was blown away by the concepts I read on your website and your 1999 article “Customer Relationship Marketing Myths”. Although I have just started using the acronym CRM over the last six months, I have been working with the idea of “sustainable relationships” since 1996 when I developed it for a masters thesis on environmental planning. Two of my web sites deal with this issue and It was great to see how you view CRM and I wish you great success with it. I intend to learn all I can from what you have written and your experiences.

This is really a “fan” letter to say that I appreciated you ideas and am inspired by them, so I will close wishing you the best of luck with your consulting practice.

Jim Haklik, CRM Practice Director, E-Solutions Group, Phoenix, AZ

I just finished reading your site, almost in its entirety. This is how fascinated I am with your views on database marketing.

Conroy Nugent; Ontario, Canada

Great perspective.

Bob Beckerman – President: Relationship Marketing Resources

Your site is one of the best I have ever seen.

Steven Hall – V.P. Marketing: Teleken Electronics

This is my first 24hours on the WWW and I’m very impressed with the high value of content here. I printed out a few of your pages sor some later reading. Thanks!

Paul W. Soder – Owner, Consultant: Souder Communications

I congratulate yours as I am sure it is very well done. I like it.

Richard Phan, President: BR Computer Group

Hallo Helmar, […] and what I read about you and your company have fascinated me enough to warrant more than just a pat on the back for you.

Sam Pretorius – HSRC, Pretoria

I like the way you’ve developed your site around a theme without allowing it to take over.

Lynnsey Skliros – The Internet Solution

Helmar, thanks for the pointer to your site, I am very impressed with your thinking.

Ken Sethney – businessVISION Consulting Group

I really like your common sense, no nonsense and no magic approach. Thankx!! In a world of academics and would-like-to-be-gurus this is very refreshing.

Martina Weinberger – INSEAD, France


Daryl Tronnes; Owner/Consultant – Tronnes Enterprises

We plan to get into this area of business and which is why i reached your web-site, it helped me a great deal and i appreciate the amount of time and effort which you and your team would have spent to set it up.

We can gain a lot from your experiences in DBM/RM.

I really enjoyed my visit. Thanks.

Atul S. Nath; Candid Promotions & Action Marketing, India

Great site. I’m sending out an email to my closest colleagues in the US regarding this and your Marketing Competence site. Very informative and perhaps I can contribute some articles from my vast direct marketing experience.

William Hooven – Principal, Hooven Consulting

Brilliant. Cheers for your cheery chat. Great interactive, “I- wanna- have-a-dialogue-with-u” style of writing. U obviously practise what u preach.

Speaking as a ‘words dealer’ (copy and communications consultant) I just adored your prose. So sincere, chatty, friendly, informative and entertaining – the basic requirements of great interactivity!

Fin Vilakazi; Director DynamicSpeak! – Edinburgh, Scotland
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