Step One: this is how it all starts. A quick and FREE introduction to the 7 hermetic principles as well as the chakra system. The result: first insights into the laws governing the universe, and the system that connects the physical and the spiritual plane.
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Step Two in your conscious evolution. Here we dig deeper into the topic of success, and not only expand on the 7 rules for life as well as the 7 energy centres of our body, but also provide insight into the very capabilities each of use needs to acquire in order to consciously co-co-create and progress in life.
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Grande Finale

Like it or not, there's no side-stepping the "Master Key". Here you will learn how the "universe" works, and how you bring your conscious and your subconscious mind into harmonious alignment. You'll also be equipped with deeper insights as well as practical steps that turn your visions into reality.
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Magic Touch

All of the above, plus personal attention as well as access to the entire system of cardology, helping you understand yourself and others better. Cardology is the second side of the coin, where the Master Key is the first. Together they form the most powerful system of self-discovery and empowerment known to man, and it is our privilege to present it to you.
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Asked Questions

When you embark on the journey of self-discovery and improvement, many questions arise. The most pertinent we've answered below

Are there any prerequisites?

No, other than the desire to change and adapt, to learn and apply. You're here because there's some aspect in your life you want to improve or harmonize. We not only help you put this aspect into its larger context, but also assist you in the process of "elimination" or rather "transmutation".

Is there a specific age requirement?

Again, no. An open mind can be had at a young age, and it can still be open after decades of "Matrix-induced" indoctrination and self-limitation. We welcome all ages, because we know how to deal with them. We're young, and we're old at the same time. This is what sets us apart. And for you it will make all the difference.

How do I ideally start out?

Easy. Follow the courses in their order as indicated on this page. Consider yourself a fool, because that will prevent any kind of disappoinment. Consider yourself a child, curious to learn about life, and willing to make mistakes. Eventually, all children turn into adults, and yield the results of their early training. Yours begins here, no matter where you come from and what your experience has been thus far. We start out afresh, lay a solid foundation, and build on it strong yet flexible, creative yet sustainable, deep yet fun and rewarding.
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