Mr. Master Key saw the light of day in 2009, covering activities around the first German translation of Charles Haanel's "Master Key System". Originally aimed at the English and Latin American markets, it ended up becoming a household name in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Intended to represent Charles Haanel as the father of the "Master Key System" it soon shifted to its "successor" and current custodian, Helmar Rudolph. The following 14 years (at the time of writing) saw a plethora of new products around this timeless teaching, leading to Helmar becoming the prime authority on this subject. No one in the world has created so much in terms of products and services, never mind seminars, videos, live streams, courses, coachings and consultations.

The only "book" on a 360° panorama

Made in 2011, Helmar turned his "napkin drawing" idea into reality by using modern panorama software, combined with cutting edge database queries. Over 200 keywords, each with an explanation, related keywords, links to references in the Master Key System as well as over 10 hours of audio explanations. A feat by any name, that's for sure!
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A musical-cosmological transformation journey

With the help of Latvian-Russian composer Gulan, Helmar was able to realise his vision: to create a journey unimpeded by language, voice and intonation. After compiling and re-arranging 11 of Gulan's tracks, Cloudwalk was born. One doesn't have to be a friend of electronic music in order to be mesmerized by the way this music gives rise to new mental images, and connects them to a wonderful journey from the beginning of creation to the enjoyment of our own.
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When we jokingly registered "DerBeste.Coach" in 2018, we obviously took care of its English equivalent, too - It took another 5 years before life was breathed into this construct, as everything prior to that was only in German. However, as you can see, we're fluent in English, too. Kinda obvious when you're a free global citizen, shuttling between Cape Town, South Africa, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Here a unique combination of personalities, coaching styles, background and experience awaits you. Male, female; fresh yet seasoned. 25 years age difference, giving you the best of our positive polarization, and you getting the best of both worlds. It couldn't get any better - and it shows.

Helmar Rudolph

Technically schooled and lauded in Marketing Management as well as Database Programming, Helmar's path soon found a new direction in speaking, publishing and turning his potential into reality.
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Amelie Klix

A dream come true. The second side of the medal. Fresh, bright, unconventional, stylish and a master communicator, Amelie has given rise to this undertaking, complementing Helmar's offering in a perfect way.
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Inspired Mind is the most seasoned of our brands, dating back to 1996, when it first saw the light in form of a website, highlighting truly inspired minds. It then took a hiatus, only to reemerge some 10 years later as the brand covering our publishing efforts. Numerous translations by Charles F. Haanel formed the backbone of this operation, mainly "The Master Key System", of which we created the first German translation. Later on books by Eugene Fersen, PG. Bowen, William Walker Atkinson as well as Dr. Albert Churchward followed.

Old-age wisdom, presented to a new audience

Three of a range of about a dozen books, featuring a uniform look and feel, masterly translated to German, opening a whole new market to this age-old wisdom.
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Based on the book "Sacred Symbols of the Ancients" by Edith Randall and Florence Campell, this brand covers our efforts in bringing the topic of cardology to the masses of people. In 2018 Helmar wrote his own web software application for this system of the 52 "playing cards". In 2023 the first forays into a native mobile app were made. This system adds the crucial individual component that the abstract and generally applicable teachings of the Master Key System as well as Eugene Fersen's "The Science of Being" are by default lacking. Several digital editions were created, and several hundred of consultation sessions followed. A new chapter was opened, and the last page has yet to be written.

A cross-platform web application for everyday use

A stylish UI contains a wealth of relevant information about the individual's personal rhythm. Easy to understand, easy to navigate, with extensive reports that reveal not only the imprint you've been given at birth, but also where you stand right now in your life. The perfect companion to re-establish your connection with natural cycles.
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