Our mission is to combine the best of both worlds for your individual as well as professional benefit. Young and seasoned, male and female, heart and mind, with plenty of soul. The best tools for the right purpose. The result: excellence in everything we do. Excellence in everything you are!
Like a good wine, it takes time for things to mature. This site has taken almost 30 years to mature. But now it's here, ready to present to the world. Decades of experience, now paired with the young and fresh input of my partner, Amelie Klix. I'm looking forward to more amazing creations. The world is certainly ready for it - and so are we!

Helmar Rudolph

Founder & CEO
Helmar started off his career at SIEMENS Ltd. in Johannesburg, South Africa. After a quick stint in the conference managment business, he ventured out on his own, working for startups Opera Software ASA, Sonork SRL and Live Markets Inc.
Fresh, vibrant, keen to learn, and super-pumped to find innovative and practical solutions for our clients. That's me - that's how I like it. It's such a pleasure and privilege to draw on Helmar's experience and insight, which works so well with my approach and experience. Togethert we will make more than just waves. We will create oceans!

Amelie Klix

Co-Founder & CMO
Amelie dons a BsC in Marketing, and worked for companies like Vodafone and Volkswagen. Now she's part of this unique venture, helping it go from strength to strength.
Our offerings are the result of the unique combination we both bring to the table. We consult as a team, but where desired indivdually, too. Soon, our English-language online courses will show the result of our collaboration, and who knows, maybe a joint book project may see the light of day, too. Feel free to peruse our current German-language offerings - you will be amazed!

Individual Consultations

Assisting you thrive is in our DNA. Three decades of trail-blazing and innovation in management consulting.

Online Courses

Currently only available in German, we provide you with a solid knowledge foundation for long-term success - personally and professionally.

Book Publishing

We're proud to present, also in German, several translations of age-old American and British books on self-development.

Talks, Seminars & Webinars

Since 1995 countless talks, seminars, webinars and live streams have reached hundreds of thousands of people.
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