Argo Navis Consulting Group: Helping You Thrive in Turbulent Times


The best.Coach

The name says it all. Coaching programs for those who really want to effect change in their life. The best tools for the best client - you!

Mr. Master Key

Taking the Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel to the next level. Numerous offerings for every taste, experience level and budget.

Inspired Mind

German translations of rare English and American books, plus our own. Serving humanity with long-forgotten knowledge and deep wisdom.

Sacred Symbols

Your individual life heartbeat, discovered and utilised by means of the amazing system of the 52 playing cards. Celestial science, simplifed for your benefit.


On its way to becoming the most popular German-language podcast. Presented twice a week with heart, mind and soul for this new age that is upon us. 


Become Who You Really Are – a German-language podcast by Amelie Klix questioning the official coaching narrative, and offering fresh mindset perspectices.

Coaching & Consulting

A unique combination of male and female, of young and old, of flexible and steady, of dynamic and solid, with the only aim being your success - your enlightenment.
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Books & Audios

Under our "Inspired Mind" brand we have published numerous books and audio products, helping you better understand the great "Beyond" and your individual connection to it.
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Videos & Streams

Over the past decade and a half, over 500 videos and live streams have been published, either free of charge or as part of our online courses.
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We understand the complexities of the modern world. Our products and services are geared at firmly placing you at the centre of your own life, rather than being controlled and managed by outside influences.

All good comes in threes

The Argo Navis Consulting Group  is present in three countries. Registered in quaint Sheridan, Wyoming, USA, while operating out of Cape Town (South Africa) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). We navigate global waters, and keep you safe while tempests rage.
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