Expect the unexpected. We combine age-old tools, proven for many decades, with fresh and deep creative thinking in order to resolve your "problems" and "challenges". We're the best in this field - and not only we know this.

Management consulting

Offering a unique combination of skills and experience, our creative and solutions-oriented approach adds value to every organisation. Those few we aim at are being generously rewarded.
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Mind development

Your mind is your most powerful ally - if put to correct use. We help you ensure this to be the case, no matter what the problem or challenge may be. We apply age-old wisdom to modern-day problems, creating solutions you can rely on.
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Gene Keys Adaptive mapping

A marvel in and by itself, we use the Gene Keys as a highly effective tool to identify and eliminate problem areas in your life, both conscious and subconscious. Be it your core wound, your trigger, your life purpose, or how you individually relate to health, wealth and happiness, we help you gain clarity and provide a clear course of action.
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Time quality identification 

The title may be ambiguous, but the outcome isn't. We assist you in getting accustomed to your own personal rhythm, using another powerful tool, cardology. Combined with our other services, no blind spots remain. Your vision is clear, and so is your path of action, personal as well as professional.
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